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                               NO MORE CLASSES FOR ME! 

 Most people are taking the classes online now so I had to get a REAL job.

    Thanks for the love for the last 15 years.  Good luck and God bless you!  

       ~~The ABC has changed the procedure and, for all classes ~~ ALL students MUST register at the TABC website BEFORE attending  a class!  You flat out HAVE TO FILL OUT THE FORM on the state’s RLPS website before you take any ABC CLASS and you MUST bring your RLPS (19A-NPER-SER-######) number with you for your instructor or you simply CAN NOT take the class!!  End of story!  You may attend ANY scheduled ABC CLASS once you have submitted info and paid the state $20.00 for your card online.    Make sure the upload of your I.D. to the state is crystal clear or it will slow down your turnaround time for your card, which you should be able to print out via your email account in a few days, after the class you take is processed by the state.

Server Permits:

The TABC will continue to publish content and tutorials to their RLPS page. Try googling “TN ABC homepage” and go to the RLPS line to see what to do.  There is a line for video turorials –go there and watch the SERVER PERMIT one. SAVE YOUR WORK every 5 minutes or so when you are filling out your app. online, because there is a time limitation and if you hit that time and haven’t saved your entered information, you will have to start all over!  Don’t do that!!


                                        TABC office:    
The Davy Crockett Tower: 500 James Robertson Pky, 3rd floor
               Nashville TN 37243–615-741-1602  ext. 0


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