STARTING with classes FEB 1 2018 ABC CLASS STUDENTS MUST go ONLINE to TN ABC before attending a class and pay $20. for your card via the RLPS system. GOOGLE: TN RLPS.  There is a yellow line on that page to click to get to the RLPS but before you do, there is a tutorial button on the left for you to check out at any time you get frustrated!  You are trying to get a server permit. Once you are issued an 18A-NPER-SER-######, you are able to attend any class! Bring the 18A-etc.  number to the instructor.


Fill out the form as shown in the tutorial and REMEMBER the password and email address listed as this is how you will be able to print out your SERVER PERMIT after you pass the class!


                         SUNDAY: 1 p.m. LINBAR BUSINESS CENTER 

                              5000 Linbar Drive Suite 250 37211

                 MON/TUE/WED/THURS:  10:30 a.m. THE CRYING WOLF !

                                823 Woodland Street 37206    

 ~~The ABC has changed the procedure and, for all classes as of FEB 9, 2018~~ ALL students MUST register at the TABC website BEFORE attending  a class!  You flat out HAVE TO FILL OUT THE FORM on the state’s RLPS website before you take any ABC CLASS and you MUST bring your RLPS (18A-NPER-SER-######) number with you for your instructor or you simply CAN NOT take the class!!  End of story!  You may attend ANY scheduled ABC CLASS once you have submitted info and paid the state $20.00 for your card online.   I am asking you nicely to come to one of MY classes so we can have a good time (schedule below) and I can make some dough. Make sure the upload of your I.D. to the state is crystal clear or it will slow down your turnaround time for your card, which you should be able to print out via your email account in a few days, after the class you take is processed by the state.

Server Permits:

All server permit applicants will now apply for their permit and pay the state for your ABC card via the RLPS beginning on February 9, 2018. A video tutorial for this process has been published online. There are changes being made, but the ABC is trying hard to make sure you can understand the process by checking out the youtube videos.  Look at the TN ABC website and hit the yellow RLPS line to learn how to do the application. SAVE YOUR WORK every 5 minutes or so when you are filling out your app. online, because there is a time limitation and if you hit that time and haven’t saved your entered information, you will have to start all over!  Don’t do that!!

The TABC will continue to publish content and tutorials to their RLPS page. Try googling “TN ABC homepage” and go to the RLPS line to see what to do. Please check that page regularly for updates.

We all look forward to working with you throughout this transition.

1:pm until 6:25
        5000 Linbar DR. 37211  suite 250     (on the LEFT 30 yards behind Hooter’s)
10:30 a.m. until 4:19 p.m-(ish) The Crying Wolf- 823 Woodland Street
Tuesday:10:30 until 4:19ish
    The Crying Wolf- 823 Woodland St.   
10:30 until 4:19ish    The Crying Wolf-823 Woodland St.
10:30 until 4:19ish
 THE CRYING WOLF  823 Woodland St.                            37206
       If schools are closed due to weather, you can bet we are closed as well!
  Class: $70. CASH only…or pay at paypal on right ->    
 ABC Card: $20 ONLINE, paid BEFORE you attend a class; then you will print out your own card from your saved email whenever you need a copy!
                    See the info above!  ~FEB 9 2018~ everything changes!  
 The class starts ON TIME! Plan ahead!  You should really arrive 15 minutes early so we can start on time/finish on time. No foolin’–be a little early so we can all leave on time. If you are late… you are S.O.L. ~ TRAFFIC HAPPENS!~
Bring some lunch money!  And a sweater– it can be a little chilly!
If you are sick, please do not come until you are well–don’t make the rest of the class sick…it is bad juju.
I am Mickey McConnell and this is Funnyman’s Daily ABC Class. I teach Responsible Alcoholic Beverage Service Classes, so servers, bartenders, and managers can get an ABC Card, aka a server permit, making it legal for them to serve alcohol in Tennessee. The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission says you must take a class in responsible alcohol service to serve booze in a licensed facility in the state. They do not say that the class has to be boring! If you are offended by PG or even R rated comedies, perhaps you should take someone else’s class. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, but I want to entertain you for 5 hours.
I offer you the opportunity to take an ABC class which is upbeat, informative and oddly enough, fun! I promise to show up each day ready to rock and roll, ready to have a great time as we go through the required material to satisfy the state’s demands.
If you show up ON TIME, with a positive attitude and Seventy U.S. dollars cash money, and a gov’t. issued photo i.d., you can take the class. You may also use the paypal link on this page to pre-pay. Print out and bring the paypal receipt if you don’t have any cash.  I do not take personal checks.  

Life Happens! You might want to call 615-491-5880 the day before or at 9:30 a.m.-ish on the M/T/W/Th, or noon-ish on Sunday to make sure the game is on. I’ve only missed nine classes in fourteen years, but better safe than sorry.
Policy of the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission: As of FEB. 9 2018, the cost of a server permit is $20.00 u.s.d paid online BEFORE you take a class. Policy of Mick: the cost of the class is $70.00 bucks cash paid at the class or via paypal above. 

                                               TABC office:    
The Davy Crockett Tower: 500 James Robertson Pky, 3rd floor
               Nashville TN 37243–615-741-1602  ext. 0


About Funnyman

I offer you the opportunity to take a class which is upbeat, informative and oddly enough, FUN!   I promise to show up each day ready to rock and roll, ready to have a great time as we go through the required material to satisfy the state’s demands. 

(615) 491-5880


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