(first of all, US is really ME!)

I was a restaurant manager my whole adult life (as adult as it got) and I reached my goals, but it didn’t satisfy my soul.  I became a G.M. and I was like “Big deal. More hours.” For some people, it’s like “Look at me!  I’m the KING OF THE WORLD!”  For me it was “Dawg, am I never going home?”

I decided to move to Nashville and focus on my private life, which I did.  I started paying attention to girls!

I got married  in 2003 and between our honeymoon in March and Christmas, (we had a great honeymoon: we went to Trinidad and Tobago…she went to Trinidad, I went to Tobago) we had two days off together. I worked in the restaurant game and my wife works in the real world.

I wanted to be married for 5, 10, 20 years to the same fine woman, so I gave up the ghost.

I quit my management gig and started doing TABC classes for a living. These classes have a reputation for being BORE-ING. I knew this from first hand experience. I had taken the class twice since I got to Tennessee and I was bored silly.  I thought perhaps I could do a much better job of teaching the material than the teachers who taught me.  I was right.

It’s been 14 years and I am still having (and giving) a great time each class. I throw in a little “Restaurant 101” for the rookies and enough jokes to keep us all on a positive vibe.